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Just 6 Hours a Week to a Better Relationship!

Marriage Enrichment: The Magic 6 Hours

In his book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Dr. John Gottman discusses the magic six hours-six hours you can spend every week to connect with your partner. The magic six hours consists of Parting, Reunion, Admiration & Appreciation, Affection, Date Night, and State of the Union Meeting. Check out my video for more information on how just 6 hours a week can change your relationship! And don’t forget to click the link below to get your tickets to the upcoming Coffee and Connections: A Marriage Enrichment Seminar!


Coffee and Connections: A Marriage Enrichment Seminar

Enjoy coffee and pastries from your favorite local coffeehouse as you discover how to have a deeper connection and more satisfying relationship with your partner. You deserve a relationship that is built on friendship and commitment; a relationship full of intimacy and admiration. In this two hour seminar, you will learn how to     strengthen your marriage by understanding how small everyday moments make up the heart and soul of a relationship. You will learn practical and effective strategies for making marriage work.

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Saturday, November 4th, 2017
10:00 am—12:00 am
The Front Porch-Pooler
Facilitated by Ashley Moore MS, LMFT and
Kathryn Klock-Powell, PhD, LMFT, RPT-S



Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my goal is to help you explore what keeps you (and/or your partner/family) “stuck” and work toward creating new cycles of interaction. I’ve helped lots of couples and families find healthy solutions for a deeper connection and more satisfying relationships.
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